tax-deferred annuity

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tax′-deferred` annu′ity

an annuity that enables one to purchase an insurance product that will earn interest, with the tax obligation deferred until withdrawals begin, usu. at retirement.
Abbr.: TDA
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purchased by an employer upon the termination of a qualified pension, profit sharing, or stock bonus plan or tax sheltered annuity program and held by the employer until all amounts under the contract are distributed to the employee for whom the contract was purchased or to the employee's beneficiary;
Can an employer make post-retirement contributions to a tax sheltered annuity on behalf of a retired employee?
What is the effect of making contributions to a tax sheltered annuity in excess of the "overall limit"?
premature (or early) distribution: Generally means a distribution received from an IRA, qualified plan, or tax sheltered annuity before the participant or account owner reaches age 59 1/2.
If an individual or his spouse is actively participating in a qualified plan or tax sheltered annuity, the maximum annual contribution may be made to an IRA, subject to certain limitations.
A participant in a qualified plan, an IRC Section 403(b) tax sheltered annuity, or an eligible IRC Section 457 governmental plan must first perform a rollover to a traditional IRA before taking advantage of a charitable IRA rollover.
The final regulations concerning tax sheltered annuity contracts were released and became effective on July 26, 2007, and generally apply for tax years beginning after December 31, 2008.
With respect to the estate of a decedent dying after 1982 and before 1985, the aggregate estate tax exclusion applicable to survivor benefits payable under a qualified plan (see Q 383 to Q 418), a tax sheltered annuity, or an individual retirement plan (see Q 211) cannot exceed $100,000.