tax stamp

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tax′ stamp`

a stamp affixed to certain products or documents to indicate that a required tax has been paid.
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The Contracting Authority is seeking proposals from suitably qualified companies for a Tobacco Tax Stamp that will possess overt, semi-covert and covert features and will achieve powerful multi-layered security solutions from a single stamp source.
In addition to positive feedback from officials and industry stakeholders, the program was formally recognized in the 2017 Excellence in Tax Stamps awards in the category of Best Tax Stamp Program and the California Association of Counties (CSAC) 2017 Challenge Awards for Innovation.
The Security Printing Corporation of Pakistan and a host of other big printing houses, have sufficient technical knowledge to provide the tax stamp solution.
However, it has to be said that together with the implementation of tax stamps, it is important that retailers are held strictly responsible for selling any cigarette packs without the affixed tax stamp.
414 (2013), the Second Circuit affirmed the Tax Court's decision that a wholesale cigarette dealer was required to recognize tax stamp revenue in gross receipts and was therefore subject to Sec.
A recent study of littered cigarette packs in New York City found that approximately 60% of packs examined lacked the appropriate tax stamp (7), which was more prevalent in socioeconomically deprived areas, suggesting that illicit trade might exacerbate existing health disparities by facilitating access to cigarettes and making them more affordable to persons with lower incomes (7).
During the plenary session, the NCA also passed articles 35, 36 and 37 (new) which provide for the "updating of the tax stamp and the creation of other taxes" with cancelling the marriage tax stamp.
If you're caught with illegal drugs in Nebraska, for example, but don't have a state-issued drug tax stamp, you'll face a fine on top of criminal charges.
Awards for design, innovations, implementation of tax stamp programs are awarded at this internatioanl contest annually.
In the USA, the State of Indiana rejected the use of this system following the experience of the state of California where the incidences of smuggling and counterfeit cigarettes have not been stopped despite the use of the encrypted tax stamp system.
Lawyers have taken the hard way contrary to all other intellectual sectors with their insistence on the tax stamp law.
Each consignment, heading for shops run by Eastern Europeans here, had a false Irish tax stamp on it.