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Noun1.nonprofit organization - an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities
organization, organisation - the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business; "he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department"
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Upon initial application for tax-exempt status, a qualified tax-exempt organization is issued a determination letter from the IRS certifying that the organization is exempt from federal income tax on income that is substantially related to the exercise of the organization's charitable, educational, or other tax-exempt function (i.
AA, which is a secular, tax-exempt organization, had claimed it was injured by being forced to submit an application for exemption or pay an application fee of up to $850 to gain its status.
In addition, the Compendium includes papers on statistical sampling of tax-exempt organization returns, and other topics relating to tax-exempt organizations and philanthropy that were authored by IRS staff and others who use SOI study data for research.
You sit on the board of directors for a tax-exempt organization that provides a community theater to the neighborhood.
A tax-exempt organization that fails to file the e-postcard for three consecutive years loses its tax-exempt status and may be liable for the $800 minimum franchise tax.
Even if the tax-exempt organization has no taxable income, it can receive a refund not to exceed the income tax withholdings and Medicare tax liability--both the amount withheld from employees and the employer's share.
He explains the reasons for audits of such organizations and the basic process, the organization of the IRS, procedures to use in managing a tax-exempt organization ITS audit, IRS compliance check projects, tax-exempt organization examination procedures and procedures related specifically to churches, and examination issues specific to tax-exempt organization audits, such as fundraising and audits.
An "applicable insurance contract" is a life insurance, annuity or endowment contract in which a tax-exempt organization and some other person both have an interest.
OPM does not screen CFC charities for federal tax problems or independently validate with the IRS whether the charity is truly a tax-exempt organization.
A VEBA is a tax-exempt organization, as described under IRC Section 501 (c)(9), and would receive a tax exemption letter from the IRS.
In general, prior rulings addressing joint ventures between tax-exempt organizations and for-profits have indicated that if a tax-exempt organization cedes control to its for-profit partner, the tax-exempt organization will lose exempt status for its share of the income.
The fund, which started in 1962 and has had balances running as high as $121,423, was operated under the county's tax number without filing tax returns until the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Association incorporated as a tax-exempt organization in 1997.