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tr.v. tea·bagged, tea·bag·ging, tea·bags Vulgar Slang
1. To dangle the scrotum in the face or mouth of (another) as an act of sexual gratification or humiliation.
2. To defeat or humiliate.

[From the resemblance of the act to the repeated dipping of a tea bag in water .]


(Cookery) a small bag of paper or cloth containing tea leaves, infused in boiling water to make tea
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However, if you take into account the high cost of the teabag and string, then a good tea becomes more costly for the consumer.
But Angela says never put milk in first when using a teabag in a cup.
The Christmas selection includes the special holiday red tea, Red Christmas Caviar Tin Tea (50 grams), Firefly Tea bowl and saucer in red x 2, Bain de Roses Teabag gift box (15 teabags), 1837 Black Tea (150 g), Classic Tea Tin in yellow (150 g), Matcha Financiers, Muffins, Macaron gift box (6-count) and TWG Tea Sugar Gems.
The competitor from Bristol made a name for herself earlier in the week by revealing she used to keep a teabag in her inner clothing as a good luck charm.
While the humble teabag remains firmly on our 'mustpack' list, items such as the travel kettle, which had its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, have officially fallen from favour to be replaced by gadgets such as hair straighteners, ON The Kindles, iPads, plus the allimportant travel adapter.
I WALKED into the coffee shop and ordered a coffee just how I like it, without any coffee in it and with a teabag in it instead.
GARDENERS are inadvertently throwing plastic on their compost heap in the form of the humble teabag, a consumer group said today.
He has the well-regarded Droopys Teabag and Cashen Zag on his immediate inner and it will be a difficult task.
Q WHILE watching the film Titanic I noticed a teabag being used in one scene.
CARE chiefs have come under fire after a man choked to death trying to swallow a teabag.