teachers college

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teach·ers college

also teach·ers' college (tē′chərz)
A college with a special curriculum for training teachers.

teach′ers col`lege

a college offering courses for the training of teachers.
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Noun1.teachers college - a two-year school for training elementary teachersteachers college - a two-year school for training elementary teachers
junior college - a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree
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We are very grateful that several groups had expressed their sincere interest in continuing the legacy of National Teachers College as established by our forebears.
In this study I attempted to answer the following question: how did Stowe Teachers College alumni, who attended the College during the time of Ruth Harris' presidency (1940 to 1954), believe their experience at Stowe influenced their professional careers and lives?
We are honored to be working on Teachers College Bancroft Hall at Columbia University.
HH Shaikh Mohammed lauded the role of (NIE) in Singapore and the partnership with the Institute in establishing a Teachers College in 2008, as well as the continuous assessment of the College work and the performance carried out by the institute, stressing that this partnership is based on the institute's international reputation in the preparation of teachers and educational cadres.
The school also serves as an important professional development site for the Teachers College.
She is the cofounder of the Center for Arts Education Research at Teachers College.
Fincham is a toddler teacher, Rita Gold Center, and a doctoral student, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.
Pace was appointed assistant professor of music education and head of piano instruction at Teachers College in 1952, and he later became chairman of the music department in 1969.
Yes, we have distanced ourselves from our teachers college roots, but should we be proud of this fact?
Using both established and newly-developed teaching methods, the Bahrain Teachers College will reflect positively on the educational process as a whole, and will be very important in realising the Economic Vision 2030," said the Crown Prince.
Teachers College, Columbia University, 1234 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027
students at Baoshan Teachers College, in China, with their copy of DZG's newsletter.

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