n.1.A breed of cattle formerly bred in England, but supposed to have originated in Holland and to have been the principal stock from which the shorthorns were derived.
2.An old English breed of sheep allied to the Leicester.
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Previously, there have been a very limited number of Teeswater rams exported, and many were related, so I purposely selected three unrelated rams for the U.
PO Box 526, Teeswater ON N0G 2S0; 519-392-6955; maplemission@gmail.
In contrast, the Teeswater DK is a worsted knitting yarn from the Teeswater breed of sheep, which produces wool that is long, lustrous, wavy and fine.
These results are in agreement with reports in Romanov, Finn, East Friesian, Teeswater, Blueface Leicester, D'Man, Chios, Mountain Sheep, German Whiteheaded Mutton, Lleyn, Loa, Galician, Barbados Blackbelly (Davis et al.
The number of animals at Daisy Chain - a charity for autistic children and their families - has been boosted by the arrival of the young four Teeswater sheep.
2008: Sep 16-20, Teeswater, ON; 2009: Sep 22-26, Earlton, ON; 2010: Sep 21-25, St.
Eligible rare and primitive breeds include: Boreray, Leicester Longwool, Castlemilk Moorit, Balwen, Dorset Down, North Ronaldsay, Devon and Cornwall Longwool, Cotswold, Dorset Horn, Teeswater Hill Radnor, Lincoln Longwool, Greyface Dartmoor, Whitefaced Woodland, Manx Loaghtan, Oxford Down, Norfolk Horn, Shropshire, Portland, Soay, Wensleydale and White Face Dartmoor.
Bigge, observed that the predominant type of sheep in Van Diemen's Land was a mixture of Teeswater, Leicester and Bengal, breeds raised for moat rather than wool.
The gene bank project will support moves to conserve the 28 rare breeds of sheep from across Britain, including the Oxford Down, the Greyface Dartmoor, the Hebridean, the Southdown, the Norfolk Horn and the Teeswater.
But time is running out for Castlemilk Mowit sheep and Teeswater sheep, which are rapidly disappearing as the culls continue in a desperate attempt to try to stamp out the disease.
Other breeds including the Teeswater and the North Ronaldsay are rare, and rarer still is the Boreray sheep, sadly on the critically endangered list and hailing from the small island of Boreray off the northwest coast of Scotland.
The number of animals at Norton's Daisy Chain - a charity for autistic children and their families - has been boosted by the arrival of the youn gfour Teeswater sheep.