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 (tə-wĕl′chē, tā-wĕl′chā)
n. pl. Tehuelche or Te·huel·ches
1. A member of a South American Indian people formerly inhabiting most of Patagonia, with a small present-day population in southern Argentina.
2. The language of the Tehuelche.

Te·huel′che·an (-chē-ən) adj.
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Cawsom ein croesawu gan amryw o drigolion Esquel cyn cael ein cludo i westy Tehuelche yn y dref.
The project will pay particular attention to the participation of rural women, especially Aboriginal and ethnic Mapuche tehuelche in training activities, production and investment offered by the project.
The Welsh community in Patagonia got on remarkably well with the Mapuche and Tehuelche Indian tribes.
Included in the exhibition is a reference to the Tehuelche natives, "the original owners of Patagonia, before the age of the wire fences".
After the trek I will spend a month carrying out research into the relationship between the indigenous Tehuelche Indians and the early Welsh Patagonian settlers in the C19th.
Both giant ground sloths and glyptodonts disappeared after the last Ice Age about 10,000 years ago, but the Tehuelche mad Araucan indigenous peoples of Patagonia still speak of them in their legends.
Robertson goes on to discuss the nguillipun, a fertility ritual practiced in southern Chile and Argentina by the Tehuelche, Pehuenche, Gununa-Kena, Huarpe, Ranquel, Puelche, and Mapuche to heighten the fertility of livestock and crops.
Earlier this year, the artist grew interested in the fact that the Tehuelche people of Argentina hunt nandu (a kind of ostrich) without spears, simply following the animals at a measured pace until their harried quarry drop from exhaustion.
Tehuelche, the native tongue of the Patagonian region, is nearly extinct.
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A similar result was found by Navarte and Pascual (2001), who studied larval growth of the Tehuelche scallop, Aequipecten tehuelchus, fed 3 diets: mixed (Isochrysis galbana + Pavlova lutheri + Chaetoceros calcitrans), ISO (I.