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n.1.See Teyne.
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A Main i Fate, e Malu fo'i i Fafo: Samoan Women and Power: Towards an Historiography of Changes and Continuities in Power Relations in Le Nu'u o Teine of Saoluafata, 1350-1998 C.
Tallinnas toimunud uritus oli teine katse kokku kutsuda noorema polvkonna uurijaid, kes on oma uurimisteemade valikul keskendunud varakeskaja, keskaja voi varauusaja ainelisele parandile ehk ajavahemikule 6.
Seven node words shared the collocates eesti 'Estonian', noor 'young',pidama 'should' and teine 'other/second'.
It's the easy way out for someone to kill somebody else, and use sorcery as an excuse," the chairman of PNG's Constitutional Review and Law Reform Commission, Joe Mek Teine, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Joe Mek Teine, chairman of the Papua New Guinea Constitutional Review and Law Reform Commission, has been tasked with strengthening existing legislation to crack down on the killings.
Her all girl band Teine - which includes Judie Morrison - has appeared previously at the festival but that was before her Orkney antics with Angus became public.
They play in a Gaelic band called Teine, which won a BBC folk music award two months ago.
Teine Highland ski resort and other venues in Sapporo.
Among all the family members exposed, only the young female in the family, with a 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) deficiency, had elevated homocys teine in the plasma and urine and showed neurotoxic symptoms after exposure (24).
It would be intriguing to follow the reception of Kivi's novel in Estonian translation, where the novel's topos of travel to Estonia would resonate productively with British writer Kathy Page's version in her short-story collection Vabaduse teine kevad (The Second Springtime of Freedom; 1996), which was based at least in part on Page's several months in Estonia in the early 1990s.