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1. also Telnet An internet communications protocol that enables a computer to function as a terminal working from a remote computer.
2. A program that implements this protocol.
intr.v. tel·net·ted, tel·net·ting, tel·nets or tel·net·ed or tel·net·ing
To access an account over the internet using the telnet protocol: telnetted from her work computer to her university account.


(Computer Science) a computer system allowing one user to access remotely other computers on the same network
vb (intr)
(Computer Science) to use a telnet system


(ˈtɛlˌnɛt) Computers, Trademark.
1. a protocol for connecting to a remote computer, esp. over the Internet.
2. any program that implements this protocol.
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This announcement today maintains our leadership role in SSH and Telnet for Windows,” said Beth Redd, Product Manager at Pragma.
Through this agreement, the TELNET HOLDING Group continues to provide Tunisie Telecom and Tunisia's market know-how and expertise on the latest products and innovative solutions of Polycom in HD video conferencing "RealPresence" and unified communications, allowing it to maintain its leading position in the Tunisian market.
Jebali visited the offices of Telnet technocentre and learnt about models of Tunisian companies operating in the high tech sector.
We are pleased to offer our Fortune 500 customers the industry's first SSH server, SFTP server and Telnet server for HP Integrity servers.
Internet availability on college campuses and at government research labs in the 1980s meant that telnet was widely available and that it created new possibilities for information dissemination.
The innovation and emphasis placed on failure recovery mechanisms is a distinguishing feature of the Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server.
Telnet is of course one of the great features of the IP protocol stack in that it allows connections just about anywhere but sometimes users are limited to a subset of features by certain devices.
Our new Union Telnet QuickLink product brings remote searching to a reality," said Steve Siegel, director of product management at Follett Software Company.
For instance, the SEARCH Group recently added a telnet connection.
Among a number currently available, NCSA Telnet, developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is an excellent choice.
com)-- telnet Web Solutions, a fast growing provider of SaaS website development services, has launched mobileWeb, it's advanced technology solution for mobile website optimization for mobile devices.