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1. also Telnet An internet communications protocol that enables a computer to function as a terminal working from a remote computer.
2. A program that implements this protocol.
intr.v. tel·net·ted, tel·net·ting, tel·nets or tel·net·ed or tel·net·ing
To access an account over the internet using the telnet protocol: telnetted from her work computer to her university account.


(Computer Science) a computer system allowing one user to access remotely other computers on the same network
vb (intr)
(Computer Science) to use a telnet system


(ˈtɛlˌnɛt) Computers, Trademark.
1. a protocol for connecting to a remote computer, esp. over the Internet.
2. any program that implements this protocol.
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With hindsight we can say a telnetd that logged its peer address, even for such erro messages, would have been quite useful in tracing the origin and progress of the virus.
The Advisory reported that systems running versions of telnetd derived from BSD source code are vulnerable to an attack allowing unauthorized, complete, system access.