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A highly toxic crystalline carbamate compound, C7H14N2O2S, used in agriculture chiefly against mites, nematodes, and aphids.

[(propion)ald(ehyde) + (methyl)carb(amoyloxime), one of its constituents.]


a crystalline compound, C7H14N2O2S, used as a pesticide against insects, mites and nematodes
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He says that some pesticides are a direct cause of cancer, especially Nemacur, Confidor, and Temik , pointing to the lack of screening devices at the Ministry of Agriculture to check if the produced and sold vegetables or fruits contain residues of Toxic pesticides .
Kawasaki hastaligi, kendini sinirlayan, siklikla bebekleri ve kucuk cocuklan etkileyen akut multisis temik bir vaskulittir.
Aldicarb is sold legally in SA for restricted agricultural use only, as Temik, but is sold illegally in unlabelled sachets.
The research has taken on a sense of urgency because a pesticide widely used to control nematodes in cotton fields, Temik, is in short supply and is scheduled to be discontinued in the years ahead because of health and environmental concerns.
Bayer CropScience (BCS) is closing its manufacturing facilities dedicated to carbamate chemistries (active ingredient in Temik and Sevin and some intermediate materials associated with them) in Institute, WV, and is shutting down its Woodbine, GA, formulation facility.