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Noun1.Temujin - Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)Temujin - Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)
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This year's recipients, geography teacher Fearghal O'Nuallain, field scientist Dr Shane McGuinness and videographer Temujin Doran, will drive across Jordan, the third most water scarce country, to investigate how people are managing their most precious resource.
On the unusual side were crocodile and kangaroo stir fries from Temujin, formerly of Milnsbridge, now of Sowerby Bridge.
Obviously, it does not fully conform to the aspirations of the new generation of political and social elites of Mongolia who see themselves as the successors of Temujin.
Temujin was the given name of which historical figure?
24: Starring Manuel Conde and Elvira Reyes, this is the saga of how the young but wily Temujin rose to become the overlord of the Mongol empire.
Aparece una isla en el origen del mundo, Odiseo intenta regresar por todos los medios a su paraiso personal y Temujin gobierna la inmensa isla que es el mundo con el titulo de Genghis Khan, senor de los oceanos.
Scooby Doo); Which king born as Temujin around 1162 near the border between modern Mongolia and Siberia established the largest land empire in history?
A one-mistake military would send George Washington packing long before he made rank, along with a few other minor figures such as Napoleon, Alexander, Hannibal, and Temujin (better known as Genghis Khan).
Her 14-year-old son, Temujin, grabbed a broom and began sweeping up dirt and animal droppings, while her husband, Jason Kouse, walked the perimeter fence, looking for recent break-ins.
Genghis Khan, whose true name was Borjigin Temujin, was himself a shaman, known not only for his tolerance of other beliefs but an active pursuit in learning from them.
Rockers TEMUJIN are taking time out from recording a new EP to headline a charity show in aid of The Samaritans at the Forum tomorrow.
An artful, sweeping biopic depicting the early years of the 12th-century tribal leader Temujin, who later became known as one of the ancient world's most revered conquerors.