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a.1.Having no tenants; unoccupied; as, a tenantless mansion.
References in classic literature ?
Leave tenantless thy crystal home, and fly, With all thy train, athwart the moony sky -
He threaded his way back to the ferry landing, found nobody at large there, and walked boldly on board the boat, for he knew she was tenantless except that there was a watchman, who always turned in and slept like a graven image.
When Daylight, with his heavy outfit of flour, arrived at the mouth of the Klondike, he found the big flat as desolate and tenantless as ever.
Your mother's nursery, Miss Osgood," he cried, "ought on such an occasion to be tenantless.
Where before there had been naught but deserted pavements and scarlet swards, yawning windows and tenantless doors, now swarmed a countless multitude of happy, laughing people.