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This reconsideration of the Salon hilt--as a form inspired by function and, inexorably, possessing a dynamic social and psychological functionality of its own--may find application in our interpretations not only of other La Tene objects, bur of archaeological artefacts more broadly.
The coverage ranges from the late-Iron Age Hallstatt and La Tene periods to the 21st century, and includes all locations the Celtic people have, or are thought to have, inhabited.
com/research/b0e12a/australia_renewabl) has announced the addition of La Tene Maps's new map "Australia Renewable Energy Map, 1st Edition" to their offering.
Prehistory of Europe as seen3com its centre: Czech lands 3com the Paleolithic to the end of the La Tene period in European context (Studia Hercynia XV/1).
com/research/42b52f/europe_regional_ad) has announced the addition of La Tene Maps's new map "Europe Regional Advisory Councils - Fishing Industry Map, 2nd Edition" to their offering.
Invitation to tender : Centre scolaire La Tene - Renovation of heat production and distribution facilities
We shall not dwell here on later testimonies of the La Tene B and C period (i.
com/research/8dcf7f/scottish_energy_ma) has announced the addition of La Tene Maps's new map "Scottish Energy Map - Electricity Generation and Transmission Including Renewable Energy, 7th Edition" to their offering.
Muller, whose doctoral thesis is one of a handful of modern in-depth studies of Iron Age art to appear in print (in 1989), has also revisited the emblematic La Tene cemetery of Munsingen-Rain near Bern (Muller 1998), discovered in 1906 anda key site for the relative chronology of Iron Age Europe.