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 (tĕn′ə-brā′, -brē′)
pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Roman Catholic Church
The office of matins and lauds sung on the last three days of Holy Week, with a ceremony of candles.

[Medieval Latin, from Latin tenebrae, darkness.]


(Roman Catholic Church) (functioning as singular or plural) RC Church (formerly) the matins and lauds for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Holy Week, usually sung in the evenings or at night
[C17: from Latin: darkness]


(ˈtɛn əˌbreɪ)

n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
any of various liturgical services in the Western Church during Holy Week, in which all candles are gradually extinguished, to commemorate the darkness at the Crucifixion.
[1645–55; < Latin: literally, darkness]
References in classic literature ?
It seemed to them that they were ready to enter a church on the day of Tenebrae.
As a symbol of this promised peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, is to wed the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae.
The fact they have stunningly good competition these days, from the likes of Tenebrae, Voces8 and Newcastle's award-winning Voices of Hope, prompts them to raise the bar even higher.
Trystan joins a long list of international singing stars hailing from Wales, and teamed up with Katherine Jenkins at London's Royal Festival Hall this week for the Huawei Winter Concert with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, awardwinning chamber choir Tenebrae and Grammy-nominated conductor Anthony Inglis.
On top of dealing with these transformations, the war with the Tenebrae continues--until the Endless King does the unthinkable and offers the Knights a chance at peace.
For years I have carried around in my briefcase (and have read hundreds of times) Hill's small fourth book of poems, Tenebrae.
The title of this book refers to the Lamentations of Jeremiah, which played a prominent role during Tenebrae as Lessons alongside psalms and other prescribed liturgical texts.
Delving into his family's history he endures traumatic transformations into the violent Edward Hyde and becomes a target for an anti-monster spy network led by Sir Roger Bulstrode (Richard E Grant) and the mysterious Tenebrae organisation.
Robert discovers an ancient book that seems to reveal a connection between his relatives and Tenebrae, and suspects they are dealing with a shape-shifter.
Maundy Thursday worship service of Tenebrae with Holy Communion, in the sanctuary