n.1.A tenet.
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The revelation sport is riddled with corruption comes as something of a surprise as the central tenent of most codes is fairness and a strict adherence to rules.
Trevor Fettter , Chairman and CEO of Tenent Healthcare
Just like in fundraising, Lindauer whittled down being a broker to a basic tenent.
Tibiotarsi I, II and III with 29-36, 30-42, 47-66 setae, respectively; tenent hair pointed.
He is too Non-Executive Director at The Tenent Group, one of UK's main IFA networks and supplier of support services to both the investment and non-investment markets.
In his 1644 book The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution, for cause of Conscience, Williams observed, "[N]o one Tenent that either London, England, or the World doth harbor, is so heretical, blasphemous, seditious, and dangerous to the corporal, to the spiritual, to the present, to the Eternal Good of Men, as the bloudy Tenent .
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Also the buyer has to be approved by the seller as a tenent.
After citing a lengthy passage from what is arguably Williams's most famous work, The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution, for the Cause of Conscience, in which Williams argues that a people should be allowed to set up a government that tends to their civil (and not necessarily spiritual) needs, John Garrett makes an interesting assertion: "There is no intended platform here for manhood suffrage or secular libertarianism," he writes (182, italics mine).
Independence is a central tenent of your zodiac sign Aquarius, and you can only compromise upon this if you feel really secure and sure.
CAMPAIGN SUCCESS: Headteacher Karen Holden and Coun lain McElhone with pupils, left to right, Abbie Jennings, Erin Martin, Niall Tenent and Megan Bland
His concerns may easily be gleaned from a passage in the preface "To every courteous reader" in his book The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience: