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a.1.(Zool.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a condition assumed by the imago of certain Neuroptera, after exclusion from the pupa. In this state the insect is soft, and has not fully attained its mature coloring.
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glabratus were observed in avocado, redbay, and swampbay logs held at 25 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C, with teneral adult stages encountered approximately 1 mo after gallery initiation (Brar et al.
It should be noted that the male holotype is slightly teneral, therefore the darker and more reddish coloration of the female specimen may be more indicative of fully mature coloration in both sexes.
2%) teneral flies (young flies that have never taken a blood meal) were identified.
While no larvae were collected and no exuvia or teneral specimens were observed, the authors conclude that both sites contain substantial breeding populations of S.
In central New York, over-wintering adults oviposited and completed their life cycle in the spring, and teneral adults were collected prior to their dispersal from the temporary habitat [3].
The number of males and females and observations of teneral adults shows that C.
Larvae and teneral adults were collected from a monoxeric habitat in February and March 1999.
The weevils complete their development through the pupal and teneral adult stages inside the fruit which protects all but the mature adult stage from pesticide exposure.