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Practically it was nothing but a quite unusual failure of the wind which cost him his arm during the Teneriffe expedition.
Once or twice in the daytime I thought I saw the Pico of Teneriffe, being the high top of the Mountain Teneriffe in the Canaries, and had a great mind to venture out, in hopes of reaching thither; but having tried twice, I was forced in again by contrary winds, the sea also going too high for my little vessel; so, I resolved to pursue my first design, and keep along the shore.
1710; on the 14th we met with Captain Pocock, of Bristol, at Teneriffe, who was going to the bay of Campechy to cut logwood.
A stay of one or two days will be made here, which, if time permits, may be extended, and passing on through the islands, and probably in sight of the Peak of Teneriffe, a southern track will be taken, and the Atlantic crossed within the latitudes of the northeast trade winds, where mild and pleasant weather, and a smooth sea, can always be expected.
On the 6th of January we reached Teneriffe, but were prevented landing, by fears of our bringing the cholera: the next morning we saw the sun rise behind the rugged outline of the Grand Canary island, and suddenly illuminate the Peak of Teneriffe, whilst the lower parts were veiled in fleecy clouds.
In 1861, to the north-east of Teneriffe, very nearly in the same latitude we are in now, the crew of the despatch-boat Alector perceived a monstrous cuttlefish swimming in the waters.
It was just between daybreak and sunrise of the morning of the second day, when they were washing down the decks, that a stupid Teneriffe man, drawing water in the main-chains, all at once shouted out, "There she rolls
They saw strange air-ships going eastward near the Azores and landed to get provisions and repair the rudder at Teneriffe.
Contractor address : 24 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe, QLD, Australia, 4005
Brenda began keeping the prickly plants in 2005 when she returned from a holiday in Teneriffe with a cacti in her hand luggage.
On the National Trust's Teneriffe Farm site near Lizard Point, the most southernly point on mainland Britain, it takes the form of pods - small huts with curved roofs and twin glazed doors.
1791), Observations and remarks made during a voyage to the islands of Teneriffe, Amsterdam, Maria's Islands .