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Noun1.Tenormin - an oral beta blocker (trade name Tenormin) used in treating hypertension and anginaTenormin - an oral beta blocker (trade name Tenormin) used in treating hypertension and angina; has adverse side effects (depression and exacerbation of congestive heart failure etc.)
beta blocker, beta-adrenergic blocker, beta-adrenergic blocking agent, beta-blocking agent - any of various drugs used in treating hypertension or arrhythmia; decreases force and rate of heart contractions by blocking beta-adrenergic receptors of the autonomic nervous system
Tenoretic - trade name for an antihypertensive drug consisting of a fixed combination of atenolol and a diuretic
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BETA BLOCKERS: These Nausea, stomach Lopressor and Toprol drugs interrupt, or cramps, depression, XL (metoprolol); block, specific sleep disturbance, Corgard (nadolol); command signals to sexual dysfunction, Tenormin (atenolol); cells in the walls dizziness and Sectral of blood vessels and blurred vision.
The researchers also found that taking oral beta blockers such as Tenormin and Lopressor was associated with a 71 percent increase in the risk of neovascular AMD, a more advanced and vision-threatening form of the disease.
He tenido varios desvanecimientos y mucho dolor en el pecho a pesar del tenormin y de la aspirina.
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In particular, Zeneca has been very actively promoting its plain betablocker Tenormin as a competitive alternative to Astra's largest selling betablocker in those countries.
The hypertension treatment is the generic equivalent of AstraZeneca PLC's Tenormin.
63) studied the consequences of this by comparing the use of the beta-blocker, Tenormin, with three generics.
Por otro lado, esta tomando Tenormin (agente bloqueador de receptores b del corazon) en cuyo caso al estar tambien en Sulindac, este ultimo puede causar una reduccion en los efectos hipotensivos del Tenormin.
The 28-year-old beta-blocker, sold under the brand name Tenormin by drugs giant AstraZeneca, is associated with much higher death rates than rival drugs, the scientists say.
Some examples of WellPoint's gold standard generics, which Seidman said are in the drug classes that have the potential to threaten healthcare affordability, include generic Tenormin (Atenolol) for high blood pressure, generic Mevacor (Lovastatin) for cholesterol and Prozac (Fluoxetine) for depression.
The leadership of the cardiovascular segment continues to consolidate with Tenormin and Inderal, leaders in the Beta Blockers segment which constitute a 41% market share, and the former continues to be the fastest growing Beta Blocker.