Tensas River

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Ten·sas River

A river, about 400 km (250 mi) long, of northeast Louisiana flowing south to the Ouachita River.
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The Tensas River Basin Project in the Lower Mississippi River Valley was Delta's first project with TNC and allowed the reforestation of 406.
Employees of Northwest travelled to Vicksburg, Mississippi to commemorate the donation and planted trees as part of a carbon sequestration project near the Tensas River Wildlife Refuge.
had been in 1944 in an area that is now part of the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Louisiana, about 175 miles (280 kilometers) south of the Cache River basin.
Catherines Island Liberty, GA 0/5 Blackbeard Island Mclntosh, GA 1/7 (14) Harris Neck NWR McIntosh, GA 0/5 Ballard WMA Ballard, KY 0/5 Fort Knox Hardin, KY 0/5 West Kentucky WMA McCracken, KY 1/5 (20) Tensas River NWR Madison, LA 0/3 Dahomey NWR Bolivar, MS 0/3 Cape Hatteras NS Dare, NC 1/4 (25) Mattamukseet NWR Hyde, NC 1/5 (20) Sea Pines Beaufort, SC 0/18 Kiawah Island Charleston, SC 0/5 Total 6/110 (5.
Today the estimated 300 to 400 surviving bears live in two discrete populations: one in the Tensas River Basin in northeastern Louisiana, the other in the Atchafalaya River Basin in the southcentral portion of the state.
He attended medical school in Louisville, Kentucky; and from 1846 until his death in 1850, he was a country doctor on the Tensas River in Madison Parish, Louisiana, where he wrote his "Swamp Doctor" stories.
Tensas River, Madison Parish, Louisiana, 9 May 1967, one specimen (NLU 6240), (Fig.
Additionally the company has achieved 100% carbon neutrality in its facility and in-house truck operation with carbon offsets that fund the Tensas River Wildlife Refuge Reforestation project in northeastern Louisiana.
During September of 1994, specimens of the white heelsplitter Lasmigona complanata (Barnes) were collected from the Tensas River in Madison Parish of northeastern Louisiana.