Tension rod

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(Engin.) an iron rod used as a tension member to strengthen timber or metal framework, roofs, or the like.

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Hydraulically adjustable wedges or cylinders and hydraulic-tension rod nuts have removed the manual process of loosening/tightening the tension rods and have replaced the practice of hammering in and out toggle wedges and lifting shims in and out from the toggle area.
Funnel-shaped tension rod sockets support easy and quick set-up of the testo 420.
MATERIALS Measuring tape * Adhesive hooks or tension rod * Shower curtain or window curtain * Shower curtain rings Of using tension rod) * Length of ribbon
Adjust the tension rod to fit the window following the manufacturer's instructions.
The rapid clamping system consists of a split tension rod with clamping lever, and a swivel device.
Ideally, the force applied by each tension rod should be insensitive to small changes in length over time so the elastic modulus should be relatively small and rod pre-stretch should be relatively large.
Thus the main member C-D is designed with a larger section to resist bending, and A-B is a simple tension rod, as can be seen in Figure 8.
To keep them upright, hang them from a short tension rod ($12 at discount stores) in your cabinet.
Their design featured a deck of 2 by 6 Douglas-fir placed longitudinally over 12 engineered I-joist transverse floor beams supported by 2 outside parallel-chord trusses incorporating a tension rod suspension of "M" configuration.
Compression rod load is 85,000 lbf and tension rod load 80,000 lbf, with a combined 160,000 lbf compression and tension rod load.
Replace it with a tension rod and opaque shower curtains.