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1. Zoology
a. An elongated flexible unsegmented extension, as one of those surrounding the mouth of a sea anemone, used for feeling, grasping, or locomotion.
b. One of these structures in a cephalopod, typically being retractile and having a clublike end usually with suckers or hooks, in contrast to an arm, which is nonretractile and typically has suckers along the underside.
2. Botany One of the sensitive hairs on the leaves of certain insectivorous plants, such as a sundew.
3. A similar part or extension, especially with respect to the ability to grasp or stretch: an espionage network with far-reaching tentacles.

[New Latin tentāculum, from Latin tentāre, to feel, try; see tentative.]

ten·tac′u·lar (-tăk′yə-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.tentacular - of or relating to or resembling tentacles
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A lank tentacular appendage gripped the edge of the cylinder, another swayed in the air.
Stony corals, are naturally exposed to resuspended sediments during storms and not entirely defenseless, possessing differing abilities at actively clearing their tissues of debris in one or more of four ways, ciliary action, tentacular utilization, stomodeal distension, and the secretion and shedding of mucus (Hubbard and Pocock 1972, Stafford-Smith 1993).
Collectively this behavior suggests very specific asymmetric control of manubrial activity that can be independent of tentacular activity.
The octopus on the poster for a show by Trans Am, for example, evokes the band's tentacular musical reach (Kraftwerk to synth pop to postrock), and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' tour ad makes amusing light of the international ballyhoo that attended their debut (hype the band themselves acknowledged in "Art Star" [2002], the song after which the print is titled).
El ojo tentacular se vuelve un medio para apropiarse lo que mira y reducirlo a si, destruyendo aquello que esta a distancia y que pide respeto y medida.
su residencia puede revelarse tentacular y multiple, ya que posee numerosas casas secundarias de seguridad y de repliegue ("escondites") cuyos propietarios declarados son sus socios o sus prestanombres; ahi, todo esta previsto (alimento, armamento) para sostener un sitio o esperar a que pase la tormenta, es decir, que concluyan las negociaciones con las autoridades (por intermediacion de abogados) con el objetivo de redefinir, recomponer o romper las antiguas alianzas.
1996) and Kier (1996) provided some information about the ontogeny of hunting behavior in squid, they did not interpret ontogenetic changes in successive tentacle elongations (they referred to the beginning of the tentacular strike only) and did not compare tentacle elongation in cuttlefish and squid.
O si se quiere con el espectaculo del choque de dos monstruos, la proteica, tentacular presencia de la Nueva Era y el conservadurismo de la extrema derecha vaticana.
Hirschhorn's protuberances (the tentacular and capillary extensions protruding from his objects that he strangely identifies with the English term "ramifications") remind one of Eva Hesse's sculptural hybrids of linear and volumetric structures, which--in opposition to Minimalism--had articulated a paradoxical vision of biomorphic machines and mechanomorphic carnalities, of bodies flayed in an uncanny fusion of derma and techne.
Antennae and tentacular cirri shorter than dorsal cirri.
En primer termino, el aumento de la poblacion y el avance tentacular de la capital.