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Noun1.terminal emulation - (computer science) having a computer act exactly like a terminal
emulation - (computer science) technique of one machine obtaining the same results as another
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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The company's product offerings include the SecureCRT Secure Shell terminal emulator, the SecureFX secure file transfer client, the VanDyke ClientPack, and the VShell Secure Shell server.
management software used type of Nokia Siemens Macro Service Terminal Emulator (Macro-STE)
Reflection 2011 is the most advanced Windows-based terminal emulator on the market, built on .
We really want to send a clear message to international organizations that use Attachmate[R], MicroFocus[R] (formerly NetManage[R]), IBM[R] and other terminal emulation products: Zephyr can save you substantial sums of money by using PASSPORT as an alternative terminal emulator," Martin continued.
Seagull Software (AEX: SEAGULL), a provider of software products for connecting legacy applications to Internet architectures, has announced that BlueZone terminal emulator has been certified 'Designed for Windows XP Gold' as part of the Microsoft Partner Program for ISVs.
The units can be programmed in the field using a laptop computer and Mirror, a communication terminal emulator program.
0 client application combines the secure logan and data transfer capabilities of Secure Shell (SSH) with the reliability, usability and configurability of a Windows terminal emulator.
VanDyke products include the VShell server, SecureCRT(R) for remote access and data tunneling, SecureFX(R) for secure file transfer, Entunnel for transparent data tunneling, the CRT terminal emulator for connecting to remote hosts, and AbsoluteFTP(R) for public file transfer.
They run Windows CE, Linux or selected other operating systems, and support multiple terminal emulator software options.
Attached to the basic CPU is a 545 MB Mountain tape drive, a second 350 MB hard drive, a Toshiba double speed CD-ROM player, a 3270 IBM terminal emulator, a Hewlett Packard LaserJet III, a US Robotics 14,400-baud modem, a mouse and the requisite parallel and serial ports.
For example, if a person is being prepared to work in a job which requires use of an IBM 3278 terminal workstation, the employee would probably require training on an IBM personal computer or compatible, the selected access system, a 3278 terminal emulator, and whatever software is being used for the application performed by the employee.
a leading supplier of eBusiness access and application integration solutions, has announced that its NetManage 3270 Terminal Emulator will ship with Microsoft's future SNA Server codenamed "Babylon.

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