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Noun1.terminal emulation - (computer science) having a computer act exactly like a terminal
emulation - (computer science) technique of one machine obtaining the same results as another
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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Rocket BlueZone Web is a zero-footprint terminal emulator built for mobile use, and is the latest addition to the powerful Rocket Terminal Emulation family of tools.
Robots can now be designed to automate legacy mainframe application tasks directly, via new built-in native mainframe terminal connectivity, or via existing integrations with terminal emulator interfaces such as those from Attachmate and Rocket Software.
Navy activities used the Tandem as a terminal emulator, or front-end processor, for online access to a Burroughs computer system.
com)-- As with other virtualization technologies, Microsoft's App-V can make applications, including the PASSPORT terminal emulator, readily available to every desktop in the enterprise.
You can "protect stored cardholder data," with the right terminal emulator by masking primary account numbers.
The board provides two USB host/slave ports, multiple I/O port connectors and an inbuilt Vinculum USB device programmer, terminal emulator and command monitor.
The sensor appears as a virtual COM port on a PC, which permits a user to directly read data using simple ASCII commands with any terminal emulator.
Seagull Software (AEX: SEAGULL), a provider of software products for connecting legacy applications to Internet architectures, has announced that BlueZone terminal emulator has been certified 'Designed for Windows XP Gold' as part of the Microsoft Partner Program for ISVs.
The units can be programmed in the field using a laptop computer and Mirror, a communication terminal emulator program.
0 client application combines the secure logan and data transfer capabilities of Secure Shell (SSH) with the reliability, usability and configurability of a Windows terminal emulator.
VanDyke products include the VShell server, SecureCRT(R) for remote access and data tunneling, SecureFX(R) for secure file transfer, Entunnel for transparent data tunneling, the CRT terminal emulator for connecting to remote hosts, and AbsoluteFTP(R) for public file transfer.
They run Windows CE, Linux or selected other operating systems, and support multiple terminal emulator software options.

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