terminus ad quem

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ter·mi·nus ad quem

 (tĕr′mĭ-no͝os′ äd kwĕm′, tûr′mə-nəs ăd)
1. A goal or finishing point.
2. A final limiting point in time: The date of the author's death was the only terminus ad quem for the manuscript.

[Latin, limit to which.]

terminus ad quem

(ˈtɜːmɪˌnʊs æd ˈkwɛm)
the aim or terminal point
[literally: the end to which]
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Noun1.terminus ad quem - final or latest limiting point
end, ending - the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"
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The terminus post quem non of Polzonetti's work shows that the European fascination with America as "the land of hope and opportunity" (p.
While Zanzotto's "ipersonetto" can be credited historiographically as the terminus post quem, since the return to using fixed schemes in Italy dates more or less to the end of the 70s, Frixione's "sonetto" is, on the other hand, an arbitrary chronological signpost; since 2001, various Italian poets have continued to employ the fixed schemes of the lyric tradition.
Tikewise, the road Tilg walks to establish a terminus ante quem and a terminus post quem for Chariton (an object of inquiry he pursues with energetic zeal) is paved with much more speculation than fact.
offered by Pingree for Dvarakanatha's terminus post quem to the second half of the fifteenth century A.
His choice of a terminus ante quem and terminus post quem seems to have been governed as much by stylistic as historical concerns.
The construction of the gate tower on to which the base of this stela was built, gives the mid-ninth century BC as a terminus post quem for its erection (Arav 2001: 244).