terminus ad quem

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ter·mi·nus ad quem

 (tĕr′mĭ-no͝os′ äd kwĕm′, tûr′mə-nəs ăd)
1. A goal or finishing point.
2. A final limiting point in time: The date of the author's death was the only terminus ad quem for the manuscript.

[Latin, limit to which.]

terminus ad quem

(ˈtɜːmɪˌnʊs æd ˈkwɛm)
the aim or terminal point
[literally: the end to which]
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Noun1.terminus ad quem - final or latest limiting point
end, ending - the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"
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There are no dated samples associated with the construction of the double bluestone circle, although a sample from the backfill of an unidentified Q hole provides a terminus post quem for its slighting in Stage 3 of 2465-2220 cal BC (OxA-4901: Marshall et al.
He also contests (with undue harshness) the thesis, propounded by Edmund Cueva, that Chariton knew Plutarch; instead, he is confident that the novelist knew and used Virgil's Aeneid (more on this below), which gives us, at last, a terminus post quem, Virgil's death in 19 BC (p.
While the activities associated with the Cilician peace-keeper in Xenophon correspond closely to the sphere of operation of the eirenarch, Xenophon's wording is sufficiently loose to refer to any official whose job it was to keep the peace, and since there must have been people in charge of putting down civil unrest in Cilicia long before the position of eirenarch was created, it has been argued that the references to a peace-keeper do not help to establish a terminus post quem.
Chronology rests on scattered Beaker sherds at a small number of monuments; a pit sealed below the rubble foundation for the recumbent stone at Tomnaverie providing a terminus post quem of around 2500 cal BC; Beaker sherds sealed below the surrounding platform at the same monument and charcoal associated with a Beaker from a pit dug into the ring-bank at Berrybrae providing a terminus ante quem.
The marriage of the last king of Ebla is, thus, well placed in the history of Ebla and becomes a fixed point in the chronology of Ebla texts, a terminus post quem for dating numerous events.
16663 was copied sometime between 1285 and 1290, given a terminus post quem of after 1280 for Franco's redaction of the third positio, and the later annotations made by Pierre de Limoges.
Blomqvist (1994: 9) concluded that 2000 BC might provide the terminus post quem for the tradition of Phaethon's disastrous ride.
The terminus post quem is the early eighth century A.