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n.1.(O. Eng. Law) See 2d Terrier, 2.
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Aimee Thomas, who lives in Cathedral Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff, said her daughter Lacey Terrar had been refused entry into Ysgol Pencae, Llandaff, despite being within the school's catchment area.
E, assim, concluimos que o direito de natureza, que e proprio do genero humano, dificilmente pode conceber-se a nao ser onde os homens tem direitos comuns e podem, juntos, reivindicar para si terrar que possam habitar e cultivar, fortificar-se, repelir toda a forca e viver segundo o parecer comum de todos eles.
Bill Houle, Mark Harris and Emma Bowd (all Trigram Properties) with Hannah Martyr (Turner &Townsend) Amy Donnelly (Drivers Jonas), Mark Gribben (Ethos Urban), Mel Parker and Paul Roberts The winning team from Eversheds: Brian Hession, Paul Maile and Tom Birchall accept their trophy from Gary Cardin and Ben Murphy of Drivers Jonas Richard Bailey (Drivers Jonas), Hedley Adock, Mark Terrar, Victoria Stowell, Tim Coplestone (all The Wilkes Partnership) The Drivers Jonas team launches the Quest: David Hourihan, Fiona Brereton, Mark Chapman, Claire Rowley and head of Birmingham office, Gary Cardin Trevor Williams (Online Architects), Brendan Casserley (Drivers Jonas), Phil Powell (Online Architects)
At Durham, accounting material survives from the offices of the bursar, terrar, cellarer, almoner, chamberlain, communar, feretrar, hostillar, infirmarer, and sacrist, as well as accounts from the manors owned by the priory; accounts for livestock and mines; accounts from proctors responsible for the administration of the priory's possessions lying further away in Scotland, Northumberland, and Yorkshire; and, finally, accounts from the cells or dependencies of Durham Cathedral Priory, such as the priories of Coldingham and Finchale.
Graeme Terrar, 17, is taking A-levels in maths and PE and lives in Barry.
God, Country and Self-Interest: A Social History of the World War II Rank and File by Toby Terrar.
uk/archaeoblog/) 8 Terrar is a new kind of search engine, specialising in ``fresh'' web content (www.
BUNGLING burglar James Terrar was jailed yesterday after a DNA test - on his woolly bobble hat.
Highlights include Rock Star - Poser and Truth or Dare featuring Kelis and Terrar.
Voller, The Supernatural Sublime: The Metaphysics of Terrar in Anglo-American Romanticism (DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1994), p.