n.1.A spherical magnet so placed that its poles, equator, etc., correspond to those of the earth.
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For Al Rayyan, Terrel de Von Stoglin scored 34, while Stephen Hurt had 23.
Point guard Terrel Stoglin scored a team high 25 points, dishing seven assists to go with six rebounds.
Anyone who has seen Tim, or may know anything about his whereabouts, we're seeking your help in bringing Tim back safe to us," Cunningham's father, Terrel Cunningham (http://www.
The agreement was signed this afternoon by the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policies of the Minagri, Juan Risi, and the leaders Willy Terrel Fuster, Venturo Poma Esteban and Jhonny Capcha Cordova, representatives of the communities of Palcacocha, Tapo and Huasahuasi.
Los Angeles Chapter: Clyde Condie, David Frith-Smith, Tetsuohu Koiso, Terrel Martin, Robert Mastro, Karen Moy, Martin Seiden
He is one of eight educators to receive the Terrel H.
Katie Terrel has joined Community Health Centers of Lane County as a behavioral health consultant.
Loving Family, Carol, nieces Kellie, Terrel, Rikki and nephew John and Families xxxx.
Speaking of dubious types, a curious post-Edsa episode took place involving an American mercenary named Jack Terrel, Raul Manglapus and the RAM.
Secretary Duncan announced seven principals from 2015 National Blue Ribbon Schools as this year's recipients of the Terrel H.
PROMISING welterweight boxer Prichard Colon has undergone surgery for a bleed on the brain following his loss to Terrel Williams on Saturday night.
Colon, who was a rising star from Puerto Rico in the super welterweight division, underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain after his bout Saturday against Terrel Williams in Fairfax, Virginia, Lou DiBella, president of DiBella Entertainment, said.