Terry Clark

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 (tĕr′ē), Clark Known as "Mumbles." 1920-2015.
American jazz trumpeter and vocalist who was noted for his muted trumpet style and his mumbled scat singing.
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City Councilor Terry Clark asked if solar energy wouldn't be the best option and most cost-efficient in the long run.
was sold by CKM Enterprises LLC, which is led by Terry Clark and Stephen Kirkland.
Notes: The sole point of contact for purposes of this IFB is the Procurement Officer Terry Clark, or his designee, Chad Parker.
Williams defended several of the most high profile cases in New Zealand's legal history, among those being alleged murderer Arthur Allan Thomas which involved a trip to Melbourne to interview the manufacture of the shell cases whom police tried to coerce into making a false affidavit; Ron Jorgenson, convicted (along with John Gillies) for the notorious Bassett Rd machine gun twin murders case; John Yelash, who successfully sued Prime Minister Helen Clark for calling him a "murderer", when he had only been found guilty of manslaughter; and a successful defence of Terry Clark aka Mr Asia on a heroin charge--this was before he became the ruthless killer he was later to become.
In the February issue of LD+A, Terry Clark of Finelite, in his "straight talk" assessment of the market, asked the question: Which technologies will win?
Terry Clark, the company manager, commercial maintenance publications, said 'CDG continues to be an excellent partner to HBC (the company).
Leading the charge are two men in New South Wales - Aussie Bob Trimbole, from the town of Griffith, and Kiwi Terry Clark, a Sydney-based charmer with a twinkle in his eye and a big dream.
New Mexico has executed one prisoner, Terry Clark a convicted child murderer, in the past 49 years.
Terry Clark, 24, brother Lewis, 21, with friend Ian Jenkins, crushed Steven Bates, 36, in their 4x4 and stabbed him, it is claimed.
SPLASHING ABOUT: Terry Clark captured this starling taking an early morning bath in the back garden of his home in Newham Grange, Stockton; PARK LIFE: Caught on camera by Julie Vickers is this squirrel climbing a tree in Albert Park, Middlesbrough; EARLY MORNING: Sunrise on Redcar beach photographed by Scott Jarrett using a Canon 400D and a Sigma 10-20mm lens
Maria Wilkinson and Terry Clark at the gathering and (right) Olive Crutchlow enjoys a joke.
Terry Clark, president of Acme Furniture Industries Ltd.