Tertiary age

(Geol.) See under Age, 8.

See also: Tertiary

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It should also be noted that younger transported sediments of Tertiary age can shed gold into local drainages and this will be taken into account during follow-up reconnaissance mapping and sampling.
The average depth of water table is 100 ft and the aquifer is present in the Siwalik Group of Tertiary age.
Within the next five years, India will have the largest tertiary age population in the world.
These include a high quality marinite oil shale of Late Cretaceous to early Tertiary age.
This, together with the post drill re-mapping of the horizons has significantly increased the size of the Tertiary age prospects.
The Tudor Rose oil accumulation was found in 1983 and encountered an 80-foot oil column within the Tertiary age Beauly Sands.
If this impact caused the mass extinction, then the foraminifera above the impact glass beads should have been the newly evolved species of the Tertiary age.
Drilling target is two sandstone reservoirs of Tertiary age.
Units exposed in the Sweet Home mine workings include Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rocks, Tertiary porphyritic intrusions, and quartz-orthoclase pegmatite bodies of possible Tertiary age (Figs.
The gravel is of mid-to-late Tertiary age and is characteristic of the deposits further downstream on the lower Orange River that are well known for their high quality diamond production.
The Western Andes chain consists of metasediments and metavolcanics of submarine origin intruded in places by stocks and batholiths of Tertiary age.
Two new small coal basins containing sub-bituminous coal of Tertiary age have been delineated by DGSE geologists.