Tertiary age

(Geol.) See under Age, 8.

See also: Tertiary

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These include a high quality marinite oil shale of Late Cretaceous to early Tertiary age.
This, together with the post drill re-mapping of the horizons has significantly increased the size of the Tertiary age prospects.
The Tudor Rose oil accumulation was discovered in 1983 and encountered an 80 foot oil column within the Tertiary age Beauly Sands, but proper representative oil samples were not obtained.
If this impact caused the mass extinction, then the foraminifera above the impact glass beads should have been the newly evolved species of the Tertiary age.
Drilling target is two sandstone reservoirs of Tertiary age.
km in extent) of Tertiary age and are enclosed by shale and limestone flatlands or low hills of schist and granite.
The gravel is of mid-to-late Tertiary age and is characteristic of the deposits further downstream on the lower Orange River that are well known for their high quality diamond production.
The drilling will aim to follow the mineralization to the east as the host rock unit extends under a Tertiary age volcanic rock cover.
The company highlighted that the acreage includes areas with known oil seeps, near the Fes permit area, and Tertiary age gas accumulations similar to those in the Rharb permit area are believed to be present
The license area contains arc-magmatic rocks of Tertiary age, largely consisting of grano-dioritic intrusives and related porphyric andesites, typical of volcanic arc environments, where epithermal gold-silver mineralization can be expected.
The Tangawizi-1 discovery was made in sandstone of tertiary age.
The specific gas targets are within interpreted Tertiary age sandstone reservoirs in that sequence and on the basis of seismic interpretation and site surveys the Great White/Marlin prospects have prospective gas in place resources of 7 TCF.