n.1.(Zool.) A large African antelope (Alcelaphus tora). It has widely divergent, strongly ringed horns.
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One tetek ruma' consists of the tawa' (common or communal corridor), tilung (bedrooms), dalem (kitchen) and tetel (fireplace or hearth).
Tantan seed, plant and/or oil of castor (Ricinus communis) Tetel, zerb de herb that attracts bees Vangasaille Citrus reticulate, small, acid orange Vatangue type of melon (no longer current word) Vavangue fruiting tree, Vangueria madagascariensis Voune reed flowers (used to make mattresses) Vuem(b) cowpea, Vigna unguiculata Zamal, Zamalle hemp (Cannabis), or 'zamal marron' (Conyza spp.
Questo rapporto--oggetto di approfondimento da parte di Marcel Tetel e, piu di recente, di Anthony Presti Russell--e per altro al centro dell'ultimo saggio di Folengo in America, firmato da Barbara Bowen, che esamina differenze e somiglianze di forma e contenuto fra le "narratopedie" di Folengo, Rabelais e Barthelemy Aneau (autore dell'Alector ou Le Coq).
Indeed, Marcel Tetel has argued that this citation inaugurates a meditation within the Essais on the relative merits of following a public life versus the pursuit of private pleasures, so that the choice of Rinaldo in Tasso's Liberata is in fact a mirror of the choice that Montaigne himself seems to have faced, as he turned away from public service to the inner world of his study (Tetel, 1992).
These differences in rhetorical approaches have been prepared for the reader in the marker that is the chemin which, as Marcel Tetel has convincingly shown, is a crucial metaphor for rhetoric (128).
This task has been accomplished by Marcel Tetel, Presences italiennes dans les Essais de Montaigne (Paris: Champion, 1992) and Nicola Panichi, I vincoli del disinganno: Per una nuova interpretazione di Montaigne (Florence: Olschki, 2004).
Tetel (Paris: Aux Amateurs de livres, 1990), 93-104; Olivier Pot, "La Theorie du furor divinus dans Les Amours de 1552-1553" in Les Amours (1552-1553) de Ronsard, ed.
For example, in a 1991 article titled "Skinner and Chomsky 30 Years Later, or The Return of the Repressed," linguistic historiographer Julie Tetel Andresen described several reasons, related to the cognitive humanistic Zeitgeist of the 1960s, why a behavioristic account of verbal behavior was repressed while Chomsky's structural theory of generative grammar was embraced.
Twenty-five years ago, Marcel Tetel set out to bring scholars who depended on erudition into closer contact with devotees of literary theory: it is a pleasure to see the Seuils de la modernite series proceeding so successfully along the same path.
Hopes for a general reassessment were raised following the discovery of Skinner's Verbal Behavior by linguistic historiographer Julie Tetel Andresen (1990).
The volume also contains posthumously published essays by Jill Forbes, Renee Riese Hubert, Mary Lydon, Elaine Marks, Ricoeur, Naomi Schor, and Marcel Tetel.
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