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Noun1.Tettigoniidae - long-horned grasshoppersTettigoniidae - long-horned grasshoppers; katydids  
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
order Orthoptera, Orthoptera - grasshoppers and locusts; crickets
long-horned grasshopper, tettigoniid - grasshoppers with long threadlike antennae and well-developed stridulating organs on the forewings of the male
Anabrus, genus Anabrus - a genus of Tettigoniidae
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Knowledge of the biology and species distribution of Tettigoniidae in South America is limited (ChamorroRengifo et al.
The Tettigoniidae (Ensifera) is a heterogeneous family with more than 1120 recognized genera and 6800 species.
Total number of prey delivered by male and female Eastern Screech-Owls identified to the lowest taxonomic category possible and arranged in order of abundance Prey N Insects Coleoptera (N = 166 larval individuals) 490 Orthoptera 220 Lepidoptera 64 Odonata 10 Cicadidae 3 Tettigoniidae 1 Unidentified insects 44 Crayfish Family Astacidae 81 Amphibians Family Ranidae 23 Leeches Subclass Hirudinea 20 Mammals Peromyscus spp.
Notes on the longhorned grasshopper Conocephalus semivittatus in New Zealand Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae.
2007) stated that Tettigoniidae is a heterogeneous group with more than 1120 recognized genera and
Summary of Orthoptera of Medical Importance Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Hexapoda Order: Orthoptera Suborder: Ensifera Family: Anostostomatidae Weta (several genera and species)--painful bites Family: Tettigoniidae Subfamily Dectinae Atlanticus spp.
Taxonomic study of the monotypic genus Aphractus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae, Pseudophyllinae)
3 Dt 1 1 A Collembola Dt 10 5 A Coleoptera, Elateridae Pr 26 15 I Coleoptera, Scirtidae Dt 481 24 I Diptera, Chironomidae Dt 54 16 I Diptera, Culicidae, Culex sp Dt 32 12 I Diptera, Drosophilidae Dt 1 1 A Diptera, Muscidae Dt 2 1 I Diptera, Tipulidae Dt 7 5 I Diptera, Ceratopogonidae Dt 10 8 I Embioptera Dt 1 1 A Homoptera, Aphidae Hb 1 1 A Homoptera, Cicadellidae Hb 1 1 A Hymenoptera, Formicidae (*) Pr 3 1 A * Isoptera, Termitidae (*) Dt 11 4 A * Lepidoptera Hb 46 13 I Orthoptera, Gryllidae Hb 5 5 A Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae Hb 7 7 A+I TOTAL Hb 874
The five non-oecanthine prey were unidentified nymphs of the family Tettigoniidae (Conocephalinae).
En hojas de varias plantas se observaron danos realizados por saltamontes de las familias Acrididae y Tettigoniidae, que se alimentan de los tejidos foliares causando una disminucion del area fotosintetica.
Katydids and bush-crickets: reproductive behaviour and evolution of the Tettigoniidae.