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(ˈtɛtsəl) or


(Biography) Johann (joˈhan). ?1465–1519, German Dominican monk. His preaching on papal indulgences provoked Luther's 95 theses at Wittenberg (1517)


or Te•zel

(ˈtɛt səl)

Johann, 1465?–1519, German monk: antagonist of Martin Luther.
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And no one peddled them more zealously than Johann Tetzel, a German friar whose unabashed hawking incited much of Luther's rebellious fury.
Tetzel for his part predicted that Luther himself would burn for heresy, and fear of fire would pursue the bold innovator, though he professed to regard the threat of immolation as the honor of sacred martyrdom.
Action thriller, based on Hammond Innes' novel The White South, starring Alan Ladd, Stanley Baker and Joan Tetzel.
Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar, sold indulgences on behalf of Pope Leo X and the Catholic Church.
Las Tesis ciertamente respondian a la proliferacion de indulgencias, (5) como la venta que el monje dominico Johannes Tetzel llevaba a cabo exitosamente en las proximidades de Wittenberg, (6) o las que se expedian tradicionalmente en esa misma ciudad en la vispera de su publicacion.
As Johann Tetzel, a preacher known for selling indulgences is alleged to have put it, "As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs.
The controversy that aroused in the first decade of the 20th century, when Eugen Tetzel (1909), Friedrich Steinhausen (1905) or Otto Ortmann (1925) whole-heartedly contested this approach, is therefore understandable.
In Scene 7 ("The Price of Salvation," 5:43), we are treated to the skills displayed by Albrecht's chief fund-raiser Johann Tetzel.
61) El historiador novohispano informa sobre los datos pertinentes de la vida del reformador: que este nacio en Eisleben, Sajonia, que profeso votos con los eremitas agustinos en Erfurt, que se hizo doctor en teologia y enseno en Wittenberg, que se opuso a Juan Tetzel, de la orden de predicadores, en lo to cante a las indulgencias, y elaboro 95 tesis.
Action adventure, starring Alan Ladd, and Joan Tetzel.
En ese marco Juan Tetzel defendio 106 tesis en contra de las 95 tesis "acerca de la determinacion del valor de las indulgencias" (2) que habia publicado Martin Lutero.
For a few coins, Tetzel said, people could earn God's forgiveness for any wrongdoing, no matter how bad.