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 (tā′wə, tē′wə)
n. pl. Tewa or Te·was
1. A member of a group of Pueblo peoples of northern New Mexico.
2. The group of Kiowa-Tanoan languages spoken by the Tewa.
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5 Orang Tewas Dibantai Warga NTB (Because of Child Abduction Rumours.
Ratya, Mega Putra, Detik News, 'Mendagri: 50 Tewas Akibat Kerusuhan Pemilu Kada' http://news.
For some Hopis and Tewas growing up," writes Yava, "what I have said may make the gap between where we were and where they are now more understandable.
24) Satu tewas ditembak, enam ditangkap dan ratusan lainny dipukuli Brimob demi kepentingan perusahaan tambang PT NHM/Newcrest di Maluku Utara', press release by Solidarity with the Kao and Malifut Community, 8 January 2004.
Confirming that these realizational tactics are phonological, stems which are monosyllabic in the input surface with two new moras, one from the habilitative infix and one inserted by the grammar to render the pre-infixal stress foot disyllabic: tewas [right arrow] tewa[?
According to their Pueblo descendants, the Tewas sought benefit from the healing earth to be found there.
She also notes that whereas touring presentations were once controlled by white entrepreneurs, "Tewa performance is increasingly in the hands of the Tewas themselves.
Speaking Hopi but not being a Hopi may allude to the Hopi-Tewas, all of whom at one time spoke Hopi while still maintaining their Tewa identities.
In this section I will employ the model on nonimmigrant subjects, the Haida of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, northwest coast of British Columbia) and the New Mexico Tewa.
In one such case, mulatto Juana Sanches, wife of Captain Juan Gomes, obtained herbs from a Tewa Indian women living at San Juan Pueblo.
What is unique about the Arizona Tewa is that, while living in a fairly close, symbiotic relationship with the Hopi, they have maintained their linguistic distinction from them while acquiring many Hopi cultural traits.