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or tan·ka  (täng′kə)
A Tibetan religious painting on fabric, usually portraying the Buddha or lamas in stereotyped aspects.

[Tibetan thaṅka, something rolled up.]


(Buddhism) (in Tibetan Buddhism) a religious painting on a scroll
[from Tibetan]
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Tender announced by PRADHAN MANTRI GRAM SADAK YOJANA (PMGSY),India under the project funded by World Bank (WB) for l034 thanka to ramoul dakshin tola
He expressed, during a telephone conversation with President of the Republic Fuad Masum, on Wednesday thanka to the Iraqi leader to congratulate him on the occasion of the signing of the nuclear deal, noting that Iran will always stand by Iraq and its people and preserve the sovereignty, stability and territorial integrity.
In the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, contemporary artist, Phurba Namgay is inspired by classical mandalas but creates his own thanka scrolls with a more modern feel, incorporating exquisite miniature details.
Our Nepali employees who died are Yem Bahadur, Durga Bahadur, Thanka Bahadur and Mann Bahadur and the Indians are Malappuram Pulikkal Palangode Abdul Salam, Kozhikode Muchukunnu K K Manol Riyas and Zacharia from Koyilandy, all natives of Kerala," the Tasty Restaurant official said.
Liam McGuinness - @l_mgness Senor Karanka has Mogga to thanka for that defeat.
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It houses a collection of ancient masks, antique arms, icons and numerous Thanka paintings, all done in vegetable-based colours.
Raghunathan, who is a former bursar and Vijay Thanka, the dean of academics, for the post of the bursar.
It's displayed with Bibles in other languages and a pearl-decorated thanka from the Dalai Lama to Pope John Paul II as just another art object.
It is noteworthy that one Thanka painting from Tibet which has 16 various life incidences of Buddha.