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n.1.(Zool.) A small American butterfly (Phycoides tharos) having the upper surface of the wings variegated with orange and black, the outer margins black with small white crescents; - called also pearl crescent.
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The firefighting rig Tharos was not far from Piper Alpha on the night it exploded.
He said: "It was just this bright burning light and next to it was the Tharos - an emergency fire-fighting rig spraying water over Piper Alpha.
The support ship Tharos - which has a fully-equipped hospital - was used as a first aid station in the transfer of the injured to the mainland.
Photoperiodic regulation of seasonal polyphenism in Phyciodes tharos (Nymphalidae).
Of the eight elephants this year, four year-old Tharos, an Asian elephant who was near death when rescued by vets, is a particular success story.
30: The Tharos rescue platform arrives but is too slow.
He also serves on the board of directors for Tharos Laboratories Inc.
Tecnologica de Alimentos SA Technology Crops International Tharos Tishcon Tharos The Chia Company The Wright Group Trader Joe's Company, Inc.
Tharos is asking a judge to block Sepracor from using its moth and to fork over any profits that it gained by using the logo.
The two were on board the rescue boat Tharos which tried to rescue workers from the disaster which claimed 164 lives.