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n.1.See Trass.
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do refer in passing to the study of the Tharros Tophet by Fedele & Foster (1988), they ignore their well-grounded hypothesis about the seasonality of the ovine cremations, which points to a regular seasonal ritual, and arbitrarily insert Fedele & Foster among the defenders of the infant cemetery theory (Schwartz et al.
Highlights include the old towns of Alghero and Bosa, Lake Temo, as well as the Sinia Wetlands and Tharros archaeological site.
But if you don't fancy the luxury yachts here, go on a history tour at Tharros near Oristano in the west, or Nora in the south.
Golf, bike hire, Roman ruins at Tharros are just some of the pastimes available.
Only the fifteen inscriptions from Tharros (Sardinia), published in IFPCO are cited.
Two inscribe silver bands in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Cagliari are from tombs excavated at Tharros in western Sardinia.
Savi al tofet di Tharros (Collezioni di Studi Fenici 21).
Military architecture includes city walls (Toscanos in Spain, Motye in Sicily, Monte Sirai, Tharros, and Monte Luna in Sardinia for the earlier period; Lilybaeum in Sicily, Kerkouane in Tunisia for the later period).
Phoenician; for example, a nearly identical palmette appears on a bracelet from Tharros and on a stone relief from Sardinia.
In a similar vein Perea compares Phoenician gold items from Cadiz, Tharros and Carthage.