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The family was pagan until Gregory Thaumaturgus, who became Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus, the Wonder Worker, was assigned as bishop of the city of Neoceasarea, Pontus, now Tokat, Turkey.
7) Perhaps the most interesting is the third-century bishop Gregory Thaumaturgus, who argued that there is a sense in which the impassible God can be passible.
Anamorphoses ou Thaumaturgus opticus: les perspectives depravees II.
Tyconius bore a Greek name, was fluent in Greek, knew the Greek rhetorical tradition, and begins his rule book by referring to the forest of prophecy in a way that recalls similar conceits in Origen and Gregory Thaumaturgus.
John the Evangelist to Gregory Thaumaturgus, and on the right, a group of people succumbing to the venomous serpent of heresy.
On perspective and anamorphosis in the period, see Jurgis Baltrusaitis, Anamorphoses ou thaumaturgus opticus (Paris: Flammarion, 1984); Ernest B.
The dove, explained third century bishop Gregory Thaumaturgus, shows Jesus to be "the new Noah .