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n. Hinduism
1. The individual soul or essence.
2. Atman The essence that is eternal, unchanging, and indistinguishable from the essence of the universe.

[Sanskrit ātmā, ātman-, breath, spirit.]


1. (Hinduism) the personal soul or self; the thinking principle as manifested in consciousness
2. (Hinduism) Brahman considered as the Universal Soul, the great Self or Person that dwells in the entire created order
[from Sanskrit ātman breath; compare Old High German ātum breath]


(ˈɑt mən)

n. Hinduism.
1. the individual self, known after enlightenment to be identical with Brahman.
2. (cap.) the world soul, from which all individual souls derive and to which they return.
[1775–85; < Skt ātman breath, self]


1. The essence or principle of life; reality in individual forms.
2. The divine cosmic principle of the monad.
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The Atman Family [owners] are happy if we can keep Halicarnassus happy, so we may have jumped the gun announcing that he'll never see a racetrack again.
let the Atman (Self, the innermost soul) rule the ego.
Contrary to the title, the atman itself is not discussed as a character in the fashion of numerous other literary figures found in this book, but it is an "inter-character" or a "dialogical atman," an entity or idea constructed by the characters and narrative situations.
It advises: "Let the Atman rule the ego" and "Become one with Brahman.
Wen I Chang, one of the world's leading personalities in the 'green hotels' industry and President of the Atman Hospitality Group, will present a case study on Gaia Hotels and Spas, a worldwide chain of green hotels that he has pioneered.
But the most significant gift among these gems is the way they deliver India's call to enter into the mystical content of Christian experience: calls to be "in touch with the One basic Subjectivity of all personal life, the 'I' of God reflected in the depth of my being" (7); and to find in God "the 'refuge' who is not 'another' but the very root of ourselves" (162) by suggesting that "perhaps the Spirit does not 'come', because the Atman is always in us, as the Self, the divine Subject" (9).
Accompanied by the Atman Ensemble, City Ballet of Los Angeles, the company's 12 dancers merge classical ballet and jazz.
From birth, the infant ego is falsely superimposed upon the Atman, pure Spirit.
Bennett is currently President and Founder of the Atman Group, a strategic management consultancy firm that assists small companies in articulating core vision through various marketing and business stratagem.
Atman Yoga Mat ("Atman" is Sanskrit for Soul): Designed for balance, comfort and stability, the Atman is 72" in length, making it perfect for the taller practitioner.