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of the Bible is the English translation of the Bible published in 1611 under sanction of King James I. It was "appointed to be read in churches," and has been the accepted English Bible. The Revised Version was published in a complete form in 1855.

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The operator of more than 9,600 retail pharmacies is offering a generic epinephrine auto-injector, the authorized version of Adrenaclick manufactured by Impax Laboratories, at a price of $109.
Very contrasting in style are works related to Tessa's fascination with the language of Old Testament prophet Job, including some 2013 woodcuts of text from the authorized version of the King James Bible.
Nafsho (his soul) was adopted by the Authorized Version.
ALSO known as the Authorized version, the King James Bible is now 400 years old.
The Authorized Version of the Bible, more commonly known as the King James Version because it was translated under the authority of King James I of England, was begun in 1604.
It may be hard to bring yourself to back him at the price, but we can still all pray for the Authorized version.
His translations eventually became the foundation for English editions of the Bible until the twentieth century, including most of the Authorized Version (King James Bible) of 1611.
Mabuse, The Gambler'' is the authorized version of Fritz Lang's 1922 silent classic, the story of a criminal mastermind who -- known as a ``man of 1,000 faces'' -- uses hypnotic powers on his victims during the chaotic years following World War I in Germany.
In Part Two, "Consuming the Authorized Version," Carpenter turns to readings of central literary texts by Victorian women, devoting chapters to biblical language of menstruation in Charlotte Brontes Villette, and to dissenters' biblical commentary on circumcision as intertexts for George Eliot's Daniel Deronda.
In a much-too-brief discussion of the decline of the Family Bible in the late nineteenth century, for example, Carpenter suggests that "In the end, it appears, the New Woman and other radical gender and sexual entities worked to remove the Authorized Version from the center of the family parlor and put it away in a soon-to-be-forgotten trunk in the attic" (66).
gov/ecfr/ is a project that, while not the authorized version of the code, is a prototype for the near future.

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