Bahama Islands

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 (bə-hä′məz) also Ba·ha·ma Islands (-mə)
An island country in the Atlantic Ocean east of Florida and Cuba comprising some 700 islands and islets and numerous cays. The country gained its independence from Great Britain in 1973. Nassau, on New Providence Island, is the capital and the largest city.

Ba·ha′mi·an (-hā′mē-ən, -hä′-), Ba·ha′man (-hä′mən, -hā′-) adj. & n.
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Noun1.Bahama Islands - island country in the Atlantic to the east of Florida and CubaBahama Islands - island country in the Atlantic to the east of Florida and Cuba; a popular winter resort
OAS, Organization of American States - an association including most countries in the western hemisphere; created in 1948 to promote military and economic and social and cultural cooperation
Caribbean - region including the Caribbean Islands
the Indies, West Indies - the string of islands between North America and South America; a popular resort area
capital of the Bahamas, Nassau - the capital of the Bahamas
Bahamian - a native or inhabitant of the Bahamas
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If it's your liver, there's the Rambler down in the bay, coaled, and ready to steam down to the Bahamas in two days.
The land nearest us was the archipelago of the Bahamas.
s Chapter 11 cases and supports the Court's decision that issues concerning the Baha Mar Resort Project are best resolved within The Bahamas.
Director of tourism for the Asian market Don Cornish said he would take up residence in China by the end of July and continue efforts to establish a stronger presence for The Bahamas in Asia.
Mark Catesby (1683-1749), an English naturalist, first documented the plants of the Bahamas in his Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands published between 1729 and 1747.
More information about The Bahamas is available on the Bahamas Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.
The depth and experience of our industry has bred a leadership pool of highly talented senior executives, which has been a great benefit to BFSB and the country in general in our efforts to keep the Bahamas at the leading edge of international financial services.
8220;It's a very exciting time at the Bahamas Medical Center,” said Barry Rassin, President of Doctors Hospital Health System and the Bahamas Medical Center.
The Bahamas archipelago, covering an area about the size of California, is home to several transit points for South American cocaine and marijuana and (mostly) Jamaican marijuana bound for the United States.
Andros Island, the largest of the 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas, is just a 10-minute plane ride away from the mega-resorts, golf courses and party vibe of tourist-oriented New Providence Island.
NAI Global announced that it has expanded its coverage in the Caribbean with NAI Lowes Realty in the Bahamas.