The Lord's Day

Sunday; the Christian Sabbath, on which the Lord Jesus rose from the dead.

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References in classic literature ?
But the Vicar insisted that Philip should be clean and sweet for the lord's Day.
No victuals whatever cooked on the Lord's Day, with the exception of dinner for Mr and Mrs Gallanbile, which, being a work of piety and necessity, is exempted.
And so, for example, if your faith is strong, you go to church because you know it fulfills a divine command; it's the primary Christian, Catholic way of observing the Lord's day There's a tendency nowadays to overlook the concept of "obligation" in things both religious and secular An entitled generation thinks that when they attend Mass they're doing God a favor, when, in fact, they have a sacred obligation to do so and that it's offensive to God if they deliberately choose to ignore him
Finally, to round off the weekend, for those with some party left in them on the Lord's Day, Shelter Sunday's is still providing that feel good vibe.
Reverend Raymond Robinson, whose congregation held placards and handed out leaflets on Donegall Avenue, said: "Our opposition is to the breaking of observance of the Lord's day.
The 23 disputations consider such issues as the canonical and apocryphal books, the person of the father and of the son, good and bad angels, the law of God, and the Sabbath and the Lord's Day.
Pubs were to remain closed, except to bona fide travellers, on the Lord's Day.
With Hilda's foraging not stopping, The change of law on Sunday shopping, So very much to Fred's dismay Brought her heaven on The Lord's Day.
The essays, with several additions, were contributions at a conference cosponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary's Just Peacemaking Institute and the Lord's Day Alliance.
The more we chip away at Sunday being the Lord's Day, the worse it is for our country.
How do you as a Christian make the Lord's day holy?
The former Northern Ireland representative of the Lord's Day Observance Society campaigned before against shops opening on Sundays but changes to the law are under consideration given rising concern over illegal gambling.