The Lord's Prayer

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(Christianity) the prayer which Jesus taught his disciples, also called the Our Father.

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He took this Indian into his family, and by constant intercourse with him soon become sufficiently conversant with the vocabulary and construction of the language to translate the ten commandments, the Lord's prayer, and several passages of Scripture, besides composing exhortations and prayers.
The very first of our Moralities seems to have been a play of the Lord's Prayer.
The Lord's Prayer is on it and you'll devote your spare time this afternoon to learning it off by heart.
Beside the same pal- let, kneeling in the early darkness of the short days, he recited aloud the Lord's Prayer before he slept.
One would think he would at least learn how to read the Lord's Prayer, by and by, but it is not so.
Guster holds certain loose atoms of an idea (picked up at Tooting, where they were found floating among the orphans) that there is buried money underneath the cellar, guarded by an old man with a white beard, who cannot get out for seven thousand years because he said the Lord's Prayer backwards.
Without boasting, you know, I may say that I know the Army Orders by heart and know the Regulations as well as I do the Lord's Prayer.
A man will not be tempted to say the Lord's Prayer backward to please the devil, if he doesn't want the devil's services.
These completed, and the two alone again, it was pleasant to see (or would have been, if there had been any one to see it, which there never was), the old lady standing to say the Lord's Prayer aloud, and her son, Minor Canon nevertheless, standing with bent head to hear it, he being within five years of forty: much as he had stood to hear the same words from the same lips when he was within five months of four.
She duly went on with the Lord's Prayer, the children lisping it after her in a thin gnat-like wail, till, at the conclusion, raising their voices to clerk's pitch, they again piped into silence, "Amen
You may read the Lord's Prayer backwards, if you like - and, perhaps, have done it before to-day.
Becuz when they mumble they're saying the Lord's Prayer backards.