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One who is born under the sign of Cancer.

[From the astrological association of Cancer and the moon.]
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You are very much the Moonchild, so when we have a blue Moon on the outer edges of your most transformative cosmic zone, it's as though there is something you have been learning.
She spoke about her book, Eliza and the Moonchild to pupils at the school and visiting children from other schools including Holbrook Primary and Leigh CE Primary, who were eager to learn more about the book.
The Moonchild blew bubbles and one landed on earth and popped next to the ear of the baby prince.
Within the Industrial city of Pittsburgh evil awaits, desiring the Moonchild who, with her womb, can bring forth disaster.
ntry Inspiration ds promote reading oups, with polls for ung people and for enres of literature for ol pupils will be ing picture book or Emma Chichester k at St Gregory's ool next week where will talk about Eliza nd The Moonchild hich is shortlisted as he best book for four o seven-year-olds.

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