other world

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other world



the spirit world or afterlife

oth′er world′

the world after death; the next world.
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The difficulty there was playing the album's B-side, The Ninth Wave, a song suite about a shipwrecked woman drifting in and out of consciousness.
International names like Sigrid, Pale Waves and Confidence Man sit perfectly next to Chris Beltran, assistant booker at DF Concerts, spends his life finding the best new bands Scottish acts like Kyle Falconer, Nina Nesbitt, The Snuts and The Ninth Wave.
Lucia's positivity is thanks to an exciting Glasgow music scene which also boasts The Ninth Wave and Gerry Cinnamon, Lucia said: "It is amazing just now.
The Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC), which is owned by Qatar Development Bank (QDB), announced the winners of the ninth wave of its LeanStartup Programme (LSP) during 'Demo Day' held yesterday.
Read Eugene Burdick's powerful 1956 novel, The Ninth Wave.
Syrian state media said 353 rebels and 602 family members left toward the Aleppo northeastern countryside, in what is the ninth wave of such transfer.
Elegy: Explosion Event for the Opening of "Cai Guo-Qiang: The Ninth Wave," 2014.
Eugene Burdick (1918-1965) was a political scientist and writer (The Ugly American [1958]), and The Ninth Wave was a best seller in its time.
The Ninth Wave, Russell Celyn Jones (Seren, pounds 7.
Saturday's entertainment schedule will feature the mythic rock band Woodlan and Northwest festival favorites Trillian Green, featuring a Beyond the Ninth Wave Lightshow by Welsh artist Jen Delyth.
In the live electronic category the first place went to the American Robert Scott Thompson for his composition The Ninth Wave, and the second place to the Japanese Yasuhiro Takenaka for his composition Separe et invisible.
Ehrenburg wrote three novels about World War II and its aftermath: The Fall of Paris (1941), The Storm (1947), and The Ninth Wave (1951).