The Omnipotent

The Almighty; God.
- Milton.

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References in classic literature ?
The pictures of heaven and of hell will place a very lively image of both before our eyes; for though the prince of the latter can have no power but what he originally derives from the omnipotent Sovereign in the former, yet it plainly appears from Scripture that absolute power in his infernal dominions is granted to their diabolical ruler.
I did wrong: I would have sullied my innocent flower--breathed guilt on its purity: the Omnipotent snatched it from me.
He said that Allah is the omnipotent and on this land the representatives of the people who have been elected through the votes of the masses are performing the duty of His servants on the land.
The humanist goal must therefore be, not technocracy, nor theocracy, not the omnipotent and authoritarian state, nor the welfare state, nor the consumption economy, but the fulfillment society.
Next up was John De Lancie, who played the omnipotent Q in Star Trek: Next Generation.
The Omnipotent Magician: Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, 1716-1783.
Author Abraham Stoll discusses Milton's use of God as a character, and does well in outlining Milton's thought processes when approaching the omnipotent being.
For even the Omnipotent God could not defy logic and create Something from Nothing.
The omnipotent "City" has been revealed as a pathetic little conman operating from behind a curtain.
Naveed has an element of power in his shop but he can't compete with the omnipotent God.
Yet Hofstadter was an opponent of the Vietnam War, who marched at Montgomery in 1965, and who, in a brilliant article for The New York Times Magazine, showed that America the omnipotent was a fanciful myth; in fact, America had lost wars in its history, Hofstadter noted, and, for that matter, World War I was won on the cheap by entering at the last moment.
It would be nice if the omnipotent one could do something about time zones, but that's by the by.