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A Sanskrit epic, traditionally attributed to Valmiki, that concerns the banishment of Rama from his kingdom, the abduction of his wife Sita by a demon and her rescue, and Rama's eventual restoration to the throne.

[Sanskrit Rāmāyaṇam, the going of Rama : Rāmaḥ, Rama + ayanam, a going, way (from eti, ay-, he goes; see ei- in Indo-European roots).]


(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) a Sanskrit epic poem, composed about 300 bc, recounting the feats of Ramachandra


(rɑˈmɑ yə nə)

an epic of India, concerned with the life and adventures of Ramachandra and his wife Sita.
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Noun1.Ramayana - one of two classical Hindu epics telling of the banishment of Rama from his kingdom and the abduction of his wife by a demon and Rama's restoration to the throneRamayana - one of two classical Hindu epics telling of the banishment of Rama from his kingdom and the abduction of his wife by a demon and Rama's restoration to the throne
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The Ganges, according to the legends of the Ramayana, rises in heaven, whence, owing to Brahma's agency, it descends to the earth.
During the festival, they staged Sita: The Ramayana Revisited, a play that merges the traditional roles of Rama and Sita Lawana's (Ravana).
18 (ANI): National capital New Delhi will host the Ramayana Festival of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries at the Kamani Auditorium from January 20 to 24.
Ten years later, with three well-received collections and a recreation of the Indian epic, the Ramayana to his name, Nagra has become a pillar of the poetry establishment.
THE Narendra Modi government is planning to spruce up parts of the Ramayana and Krishna tourism circuits in Uttar Pradesh, a move that is expected to become a political talking point ahead of next year's elections in the state.
Editors Adluri and Bagchee present readers with a collection of academic and scholarly contributions on the interpretation and contemporary and historical contexts of the Sanskrit epics the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.
Ipag performed excerpts from Sita: The Ramayana Revisited, an adaptation of the Maranao versions using Filipino language and setting the story in Mindanao, which it first performed in last year's Asia-Pacific Bureau Theatre Schools Festival in Singapore.
Several other plans are on the anvil to make the Ramayana teaching more popular, particularly among children and youth.
18 -- Gamaya Legends is an Android and iOS game based on the Ramayana.
1) Iconographic representations of the Ramayana and Mahabharata can be found throughout ancient Khmer art but they appear abundantly during the 10th to 13th centuries in the temples of Banteay Srei, Phnom Chisor, Preah Vihar and especially the Baphuon temple.
One of the most famous and popular stories in Indian culture is the story of Rama and Sita as told in the Ramayana.
The cursory mention of a chess-like game in the Ramayana lore offers interesting parallels and openings between the game and the themes of the epic poem.