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1. One who launches, rides in, or pilots rockets.
2. One, such as a scientist, who is an expert in rocketry.


(Astronautics) an engineer or scientist concerned with the design, operation, or launching of rockets


(ˌrɒk ɪˈtɪər)

1. a person who discharges, rides in, or pilots a rocket.
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But it's not long before his Dad (Tim Dalling, who also provides the often pleasing, but slow-paced live soundtrack to on-stage proceedings) convinces him to take a leap of faith and take flight in the Rocketeer (aka his souped-up tricycle).
Campbell's biggest movie success remains 1991's The Rocketeer, although he also featured in Dracula, Gettysburg, Ghost Town and The Disappeared.
HE'S known for his animated performances in such cult films as Flash Gordon, The Rocketeer and Hot Fuzz, but former James Bond Timothy Dalton is now making something of a career for being in toon with the film industry.
Q I love the Rocketeer A That was good, and Hawks was great; Anthony Edwards was wonderful.
Dave Stevens published The Rocketeer in comics form starting in 1982, with a graphic novel collection in 1990 that inspired the live-action film of the book in 1991.
Pugh Library at the Senatobia-based school has completed digitizing editions of the college's yearbook, the Rocketeer, from 1929 to present.
It's got an entertaining new betting game with some good horse names, but I'm a bit suspicious that after a frankly reckless spree of virtual betting on Present Post, Lewis The Author, Unsuitable Entropy, Plumber Of Skill and Gregory The Rocketeer, I was over a grand up, bolstered by a lumpy bet on an outsider of three who hacked up.
After Bond, Timothy Dalton's career slowed down in terms of Hollywood success, with Made Men, The Rocketeer and Hot Fuzz among his most notable turns.
This kind of personal propulsion was revived in a 1980s comic book by Dave Stevens, and in 1991 Walt Disney Studios turned The Rocketeer into a feature film.
the nostalgia is beautifully handled by director Joe Johnston, maker of the great, underrated period superhero-ish film the Rocketeer.