The Scorpion's Heart

(Astron.) the star Antares in the constellation Scorpio.

See also: Scorpion

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The brightest star in Scorpius, easily spotted even through light-polluted city skies or moonlight, is 1st-magnitude Antares marking the Scorpion's heart.
One of these is the Scorpion's heart star: Antares, a lst-magnitude supergiant that shines distinctly orange-red.
Two prominent globular clusters near the Scorpion's heart (M4 near Antares) and head (M80), and two huge and bright open clusters near the Sting (M6 and M7).
The Scorpion's heart is orange-red Antares, one of the two most strongly colored bright stars in the sky (the other is orange-red Betelgeuse in winter).
On September 17th the red planet approaches within 3[degree sign] of Antares, the red supergiant star that marks the Scorpion's heart.
The tail hook is easy to spot, and the red dot at the junction of the two large claws was said to be the scorpion's heart.
Near it, red-tinted, 1st-magnitude Antares, the brightest star in a constellation resplendent with them, marks the Scorpion's heart.