The Seventy

the translators of the Greek version of the Old Testament called the Septuagint. See Septuagint.

See also: Seventy

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From the Seventy Seven Energy fleet, 58 rigs are currently operating.
According to the creditable sources the joint opposition has sought guidance from the Finance Minister's affidavit of money laundering while preparing the seventy questions.
One of the buildings will be built in an art deco style similar to the Seventy Degrees, although all the properties will be at the exclusive end of the housing market.
The Seventy Degrees was named because of the angles used in building the hotel.
The hotel's name eventually changed from the Seventy Degrees to the Colwyn Bay Hotel, but it is still known under its former title.
Hundreds of photos and special maps and diagrams unique to THE SEVENTY GREAT INVENTIONS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD pack a coverage which examines not just the origins of these inventions, but their lasting impact on the world.
The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient Worm draws on modern science and the latest research to explore some of archaeology's most baffling controversies and enigmas, from our origins to the mysterious collapse of powerful civilizations.
Packed with evocative photographs and informative diagrams, maps, and plans, The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient World is a unique guide to some of the most contentious issues of the human past.
The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World examines these spectacular feats of engineering, celebrating the achievements of the builders who created impressive, often beautiful structures without the benefit of modern technology.
This sense of what motivated Lorenzo and his advisors in staffing the Seventy has evident similarities to Moulakis's view that concerns for efficiency, experience, and expertise were the driving factors in the concentration of power in fewer hands, both in the actual politics of the Medici years and in the constitutional theorizing of Francesco Guicciardini.
This has happened over the seventy years of our magazine's existence.
We expect to have most of the seventy (70) retail locations fully installed, operational and connecting videocalls within three months.