The Thirty-nine Articles

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statements (thirty-nine in number) of the tenets held by the Church of England.

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A much more exemplary character with an infusion of sour dignity would not have furthered their comprehension of the Thirty-nine Articles, and would have been less socially uniting.
Although his statement was controversial in his day, Jerome was later titled a Doctor of the Church and his authority was also cited in the Anglican statement in 1571 of the Thirty-Nine Articles.
This required tortured interpretations of the passages of the Thirty-Nine Articles, as well as the renunciation of Calvinist "sufficiency of Scripture.
Over the Darjeeling and scones, Mr Powell pointed out to Dr Runcie that a papal visit to our island was a serious breach of the doctrine in the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England that stated: "The Bishop of Rome hath no dominion in these islands.
Appendices list the bishops and archbishops of Canterbury, and provide the text of The Thirty-Nine Articles.
And why are they, unlike the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, no longer in daily use, especially when in Article XXXV of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion that I find in my 1959 Canadian edition of the Book of Common Prayer (that I use, if not daily, at least weekly) the following:
In the end Convocation adopted the Thirty-Nine Articles but dropped thirty of the 141 English canons, while modifying others.
Theological labels were certainly the procedure and psychology of seventeenth-century England as is evidenced in anti-heretical royal injunctions and laws and by the explicit language of confessions such as the Thirty-Nine Articles and the Westminster Confession of Faith, which in their pro-Nicene articles concerning the person of Jesus and the Son in the Trinity were ipso facto contra-Socinian and contra-Arian and meant to be so in order to distinguish truth from error.
Subscription to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England therefore was an important concern for Emlyn, and he hoped to be able to exercise a ministry without shackling his conscience by committing himself to articles in which he did not believe.
91), to reconcile, as Newman attempted in Tract 90, the thirty-nine articles with catholicity, and certainly its Roman form], Faught is nevertheless by and large a sound and reliable guide.
The writer of the first historical sketch of the Congress put it well: "With no visible head, like the Pope, with no ecclesiastical court, like the General Assembly, and with no imposed creed like the Thirty-Nine Articles or the Westminster Confession, our unity of faith and practice may best be preserved by a frequent and personal interchange of views, wherein head and heart, knowledge and faith, reverence for the past, sympathy with the present, and zeal for the future, meet and blend.
He claimed that the Thirty-nine Articles, the statements of doctrine drawn up in the 16th century as the essentials of Anglican belief, were not hostile to Catholic principles but only condemned certain abuses in the Roman communion.