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A character encoding standard for computer storage and transmission of the letters, characters, and symbols of most languages and writing systems.


(Computer Science) computing a character set for all languages
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The service allows full customization for the username of an e-mail address to be in any language/script represented in the Unicode standard, and can work with any second level IDN domain name or IDN top-level domain working on the Internet today.
The Unicode Standard is intended to support the needs of all types of users,
Emoji characters are based on the Unicode standard in order to be displayed properly across many platforms.
When the Unicode Standard was introduced, it enabled the use of any glyph for any linguistic particularity.
New characters are being defined on a rapid pace for many regional languages but encoding all of them to the Unicode Standard is inconvenient.
Encoding in the Unicode Standard will also ensure encoding in the International standard ISO/IEC 10646 as both the organizations work closely with each other.
The symbol will be included in the Unicode Standard for representation and processing of text written in major scripts of the world to ensure that ( it) C* is easily shown and printed," the spokesperson said in New Delhi.
Coverage encompasses fundamental Java elements, object-oriented basic concepts, and Java-related platforms and technologies, with appendices on the Unicode standard and bracket conventions.
The Unicode Standard has been adopted by such industry leaders as Apple, HP, IBM, JustSystem, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Sybase, Unisys and others.
For example, the Unicode Standard is a character-encoding system that allows software applications to work in any language.
More and more software publishers are adopting the Unicode standard, and the multilingual needs of academic users are thereby being ad dressed.
It is dedicated to the development, maintenance and promotion of The Unicode Standard, a worldwide character encoding.

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